Scientists are often confronted with the problem of finding the right tool to perform a particular task given their input data. Service providers often find that their services suffer from low visibility and are therefore not being used by scientists.

ServiceCatalographer is an open-source Web-based platform for describing, annotating, searching and monitoring REST and SOAP Web services. Service providers and institutions can use it to curate and publicise their Web services. Scientists can use its powerful search capabilities for locating the services they need to help them with their scientific research and work. ServiceCatalographer can monitor availability and reliability of services over time to provide users with suggestions as to which services are the most reliable.

ServiceCatalographer is based on the software originally developed as part of the BioCatalogue project, which provides a curated catalogue of life science Web services. The project started as a joint venture between the myGrid team at the University of Manchester and the EMBL-EBI. Currently, the myGrid team, who are maintaining the codebase, is preparing the BioCatalogue software for release as the domain-independent ServiceCatalographer platform.

Technical/developers’ note: the platform is written in Ruby on Rails. The current state of the source code can be checked at GitHub. The tag “1.1.0″ points to the latest release that is used to power the BioCatalogue. The code has moved on since to create a more generic ServiceCatalographer and is coming soon.